AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse Diet

The AdvoCare 10 day cleanse is the first part of the 24 day challenge.  The cleanse diet is all about aiding in the removal of waste from your body and to help your metabolism function properly and efficiently.

In this phase, you will effectively restart your body to ensure absorption of proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. The cleanse phase lasts for ten days of the twenty four day challenge and combined with diet and exercise, helps your body rid itself of waste and increase absorption of the essential nutrients, fats, proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates your body needs for optimal health.

Unlike other cleanses that require you to decrease calories dramatically or drink a liquid diet, this phase of the Advocare program incorporates three supplements that will help get you to your goal.

10 day herbal cleanseAdvoCare Herbal Cleanse

The first support product in the cleanse phase is the Herbal Cleanse. The Herbal Cleanse is a three component system designed to help you eliminate waste.

The three components are the Fiber Drink, Probiotic Restore Ultra capsules and herbal cleanse caplets.

The Advocare program recommends you use the Herbal Cleanse every ninety days.

advocare cleanse omegaplexOmegaPlex

The second support product used in the cleanse phase is the Omegaplex supplement.

Omegaplex is a blend of high quality essential Omega-3 fatty acids essential for total health.  It helps the transportation of nutrients through the body and aids in a healthy immune system and metabolism.


advocare sparkSpark

The third product used in the cleanse phase is the Spark Energy Drink Mix. This is a sugar free, nutrient rich drink that provides energy and supports mental focus. Simply mix with water and enjoy.

Used for days one through ten, the three products in the cleanse phase help to prepare your body for the next portion of the Advocare 24 day program; the Max phase.

Food Guidelines

During the cleanse phase you want to try to stick with fish (salmon and tuna will aid in cleansing), chicken, and eggs.  You want to stay away from processed lunch meats and other fatty proteins.  It is also recommended to eat salads during the day and steamed vegetables during the night to help cleanse your system.  For fruits you will want to stick with low glycemic and fibrous choices like apples, berries and grapefruit.

During the AdvoCare 10 day cleanse you want to avoid any friend foods, bread, refined sugars and wheat products.  Also remove dairy from your diet and avoid alcohol (it’s just 24 days!) and coffee and soda (replace with Spark and plenty of water).  Your goal should to drink 1 gallon of water per day to help flush your system.

Try to stick with the dietary guidelines at least 80% of the time while doing the AdvoCare cleanse diet.

The 10 day AdvoCare cleanse is the first part of the challenge.  After completing the cleanse you will then move onto the 14 day Max Phase.